The Biyabs

by Barefoot Gen

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released November 4, 2016

Barefoot Gen:
Tastemaker - vocals, guitar, percussion, synth
Pujeter - vocals, guitar, percussion, synth

Guest Musicians:
Khan - guitar (1,6)
Kal - sample (2)

mixing/mastering: Pujeter
art direction: Tastemaker


all rights reserved



Barefoot Gen San Jose, California

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Track Name: Variations on Each Other
The lives I wanted to live
Green shadowed and blue tinted reflections
In white plush beddings
Squished with a pale skinned dame

I find no comforts
Your love finds to elude me
My aches are my blunt words
Turned you all away

Hasten to the ones you know,
They will console
Sapped in maiden nurture
Hold my start and rapture me

Damn my soul
Your voice is gold
Bless your heart
Shit’s tearing apart

I can’t hide the truth

'Til heroin, 'til heaven
His only plight
My father’s vice
It’s mine to fall on

I wish we could find each other

I wish it was okay
I wish we were okay

Your hair that flowed all September
And it was like a dream

Please don’t do
What I want to
You must move on
Become new

I dreamed years
Just with you
I want you
But I love you

I see you walk away

I leave the door wide open
Track Name: Caliboi
I find my high
In my own mind,
Life is but a
Lonely pastime

You can keep your
Own opinions,
Dude, I’m having
Honest living

(So you fall, get up, get back again)

I find my high
(I want, what avant, our sights to say)

Don’t just try to
Separate these
Different hobbies
Just be freely

(So you fall, get up, get back again)

Know we will all die
(I want, what avant, our sights to say)

Open your mind,
Think it breezy
And you will see
Things are easy

(So you fall, get up, get back again)

I finally found the place that we are supposed to be
And we will see that reality—it has wasted you
But don’t worry, but don’t fret
It’s taken many, just find a friend

At the end, we will ask ourselves, “Was it worth it?”

Well, was it?
Track Name: Break/Time
No, I don’t think ‘bout sun caves in the fall
Leg skin peels right off, let games shape us all
Break off our one nest, throw a knife at bow

Sure this place got colder
Will she even visit?

People age, it’s fine
I’ll go ahead and slap some nice flowers on it
Won’t you eat with me?

I’m tired just give me a break

Breaktime, let’s break time
Track Name: Spit in the Air
Out of the mouth, it comes up, then right back at you
Spit, gargle, spit’s in the air and right back at you
Then I will see a bit of everyone in me

A moment of silence for the ones who got hit
Said, “I don’t want anyone to see me this way,”
Offending my nose and it got under my skin

Found some biting words
Brown the white fin birds
She burned down every tree
Baby, how is to breathe

(Feet so swollen,
Dressed up holy
Her heart is salty)

Not a one, Not a none

Found that ice of hers
Sound of right wing slurred
She turned over to me
Last thing, just burn the seed

(Feet so swollen,
Dressed up holy
Her heart is salty)
Track Name: All the Time of All Time
I wind,
We come to fast
The blow was hard
For the ones I know

Good days,
They’re in between
Our mind was made
From the beginning

A finely grown masterpiece

The eyes,
They still watch me
My mind is reeked
With a deity

I’m trite,
But these are true
Oh, I wish you knew

A mild spun, litany

Are you as sick of me as I am?
Hollow and borrowed
Shallow, don’t follow

How’d I end up where I am?
We never lived up to all of our romance

Are you as sick of me as I am?
Let’s live here, and breed here

How’d I end up where I am?
(Far a gone, far a gone)

Nothing real

Are you as sick of me as I am?
(Far a gone, far a gone)

Let’s lead here
To reed hills
Track Name: The Biyabs
Don’t call this waste,
The notes they really change
Bend, curl, collapse under
Absurd, yet torn asunder

We were just born,
So don’t hold your tears
Learn, write, craft your thesis
Bleed, sweat, forget the future

A thief stole your brush
How will you mark?
With irony,
You guard it so rough

The joker rolls round,
Laughs right at me
Nothing can be,
Helped my distance

(Would you leave? To the foot of your art)

Torture me with zeal
Tear apart my prose
Nothing can appease
We will grow apart
Memory will not serve us

The Biyabs have taken me over the hill
The noises I make, are not made for you
I ask you, you listen, you answer quite swiftly
You told me, “Erroneous, banal,”
I told you

I guess I’ll go home and make more on my own

(Your mind’s elsewhere,
Makes me lonely
If you don’t care,
We’ll forgive you
Don’t feel pressured,
Just listen inside)

No one will recall anything we did

(So, can we be free?)